Oregon Mediation Association

PO Box 40041
Portland, OR 97240
Phone: 503-872-9775

Upcoming Trainings and Events

Basic Mediation Trainings

Apr. 7, 8, 13, 14 & 15
Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation (of Marion, Linn & Benton Cos.)

Apr. 21, 22 & 23 and May 6 &7
Washington Co. Circuit Court

Apr. 28 & 29 and  May 5 & 6
Tsipora Dimant

May 3, 4, 8, 10 & 11
Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation (of Coos & Douglas Cos.)


Advanced Mediation Trainings

Mar. 15 & 17
Intro to Restorative Justice in Schools
Resolutions Northwest

Apr. 20 & 21
Inside - Out: Working Through Through Conflict, with Gary J. Friedman
Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals

Apr. 22
Small Claims Mediation 

Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation (of Marion, Linn & Benton Cos.)

May 26 & 27
Restorative Justice & Victim-Offender Mediation 

Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation (of Marion, Linn & Benton Cos.)


Related  Events

Mar. 9
Nonprofit Advocacy
Nonprofit Association of Oregon

Mar. 28
Fierce Love: Interrupting Hate

Resolutions Northwest

Apr. 24
Fierce Love: Interrupting Hate

Resolutions Northwest


Details on these and other upcoming events at
OMA Training Calendar


OMA Administrative Assistant
Location by Arrangement

Family Court Services Manager

Mlynomah Co. Dept. of Community Justice
Mediation Program Manager
Vancouver, WA
Community Mediation Services
Bookkeeper/Financial Administrator
Resolutions Northwest
For details of all these positions, click:
Job, Volunteer, and Internship Board
To post mediation-related jobs, please email oma@omediate.org with job title, organization, description, link to more information/application, and closing date.
 The Oregon Mediation Association is a nonprofit organization of members committed to the development, support and advocacy of mediation in the State of Oregon.

OMA is seeking candidates for
part-time Administrative Assistant!

We are hiring!  To provide the best possible service to OMA members and Oregon residents interested in mediation, we are looking for a poised, caring individual with diverse office skills.  Basic conditions: up to 15 hours per week, $15-$17/hour depending on experience, and location by arrangement.  Additional hours are likely in Conference season.

Interested?  Visit the announcement page for all the deails.  Applications must be received by April 15, 2017.

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Freddie will be sending you an email asking you to renew your Rewards membership.  When you do, please remember to specify OMA as your recipient of choice.  Our organization number is 87303.


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