Oregon Mediation Association

PO Box 40041
Portland, OR 97240
Phone: 503-872-9775

Patrick McGovern
Executive Director
Lincoln Community Dispute Resolution

404 NE 2nd Street
Post Office Box 2157
Newport, OR 97365
Phone: (541) 574-9846
Email: [email protected]
Other URL http://www.lincolncommunitydisputeresolution.com
All types of mediations available: Manufactured home park, consumer/merchant, landlord/tenant, neighbor-to-neighbor, family and youth, couples, peer mediation is the schools, victim/offender reconciliation.

Private non-profit agency 501(c)3

Locations Served

  • Lincoln County

Practice Areas

  • Business/Commercial
  • Church/Religious
  • Construction
  • Consumer
  • Cross Cultural/Intercultural
  • Educaton
  • Employment
  • Estate/Probate
  • Health Care
  • Housing/Landlord-Tenant
  • Labor
  • Neighborhood/Community
  • Peer Mediation (Incl. Elemntry. and Scndry School)
  • Real Estate
  • Schools
  • Victim Offender
  • Workplace
  • Youth and Family

Additional Professional Services

  • Facilitation
  • Training


Our program director has participated in a 40-hour Basic Mediation training. She has been an apprentice trainer in over 100 hours of training. She participated in a 19-hour Victim/Offender training twice. She participated in a 20-hour Family and Youth training twice. She is trained trainer for School Peer Mediation.

Lincoln Community Dispute Resolution is a volunteer-based program. We have 24 volunteers trained in Basic Mediation. We have seven volunteers trained in Victim/Offender Reconciliation. We have four trained Family and Youth volunteers. We work with over 100 peer mediators in the schools.

Fee Information

Our program requests a $20 donation per disputant, except for the victim in Victim/Offender Reconciliation. We never refuse service to anyone based on the ability to pay.


English, Spanish, TTY machine available

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