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Why Does OMA Need My Support?

How Can I Support OMA?

  • Volunteering
  • Financial Support

Lifetime Membership

The 2nd Annual Auction

Why Does OMA Need My Support?

The mediation field has experienced significant growth in the last 10 years and more is undoubtedly on the way. Mediation, and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution, are increasingly appearing in our courts, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and homes. The number of labor contracts requiring mediation as a step in the dispute resolution process is on the rise. And government is considering the use (and regulation) of mediation more than ever.

OMA has historically relied on revenues from membership dues and training proceeds to get its business done. While the income and expenses of running a small not-for-profit in the past were in balance, this is no longer the case. If OMA's effectiveness as a trainer, mediation advocate and regulation watchdog is to keep up with growing demands, new sources of revenue must be generated.

This is especially true if OMA is to meet the needs of Oregon's growing diverse populations. Not only is Oregon becoming more colorful and vibrant, but the geographic areas using mediation have grown significantly in just the last few years. And other communities require the support of organizations like OMA to introduce mediation services to their citizens. OMA wishes to better reach these non-Willamette Valley communities to serve them with the same excellence the Valley has historically enjoyed.

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How Can I Support OMA?

Volunteering. While not mentioned above, OMA's success is also attributed to the countless hours of volunteer time offered by its members. All of the committee work, including that by the board, is done by volunteers. As the field of mediation grows, these donated hours will become increasingly important. If you are interested in volunteering on a committee or a project, please go to the Contact OMA page and send e-mail to the board member responsible for that committee.

Financial Contributions. OMA is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization which would gratefully accept your tax-deductible contribution. If you feel inclined to financially support Oregon's only independent, state-wide mediation organization, please contact OMA or mail donations to:

The Oregon Mediation Association
PO Box 2952
Portland, Oregon 97208-2952
(503) 872-9775 [email protected]

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Lifetime Membership. In 1999, OMA created a special level of membership. Any individual who subscribes to and supports the purposes of OMA and wishes to express that support via a one-time contribution of $1500 or more is provided a lifetime membership. As of April, 2000, the pioneering individuals listed below made such a committment to OMA's new endowment fund.

OMA's Lifetime Members:

Larry T. Coady, Betsy J. Coddington, Lynne A. Cox, John C. Gartland, R. Elaine Hallmark, Karen J. Hannan, Barbara Hart, Sam Imperati, Jim Jacks, Joshua Kadish, Molly Rodriguez Keating, Sid Lezak, James C. Melamed, Julien Minard, Barbara Ashley Phillips, Marie Rust, Donna Silverberg, Laurel Singer.

Would you like to join them? If so, please contact Kristen Erbes, OMA's Executive Director, for more information.

The 2nd Annual Auction

IT'S TIME TO ENGAGE! OMA's Second Annual Silent Auction (held at the annual Fall Conference) is just around the corner and we need everyone's help! If you are or know someone who is talented, creative, or generous, please come forward and support OMA.

There are a number of ways you can participate. We are accepting all ideas and donations for the Silent Auction. Last year we raised $1500 and hope to boost that to $2500 this year. We're looking for donations of interesting or valuable objects, any kind of talent that you or someone you know is willing to share, or a business or service that you are connected to that would like to make a tax-deductible donation. Some ideas are listed below, but please feel free to participate in any creative way you want!
· Box lunches with a guided nature walk
· Acupuncture
· Hot air balloon ride
· Music performance
· Art
· Yard crew
· River rafting
· Babysitting with tickets for a night out
· Bicycle tour
· Weekend at a vacation home

In addition, OMA is partnering with the Oregon Dispute Resolution Centers to add to the fundraising event. Participating CDRCs will put together a theme basket of donated items to be raffled at the conference. Get connected by adding to a basket and purchasing raffle tickets, which will sell for $1 at the Conference. Contact the CDRC nearest you to find out how you can contribute!

We've set a timeline for donations so the Conference Committee can prepare for the November event. We'd like descriptions of donated items in by June 15 and delivery of donated items before October 1. Our contact person is Valerie Hope. A Donor Agreement form is available.

Your contributions will help make Oregon, and the world, a more cooperative place.

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