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This site is still under construction. In the future, a membership form will be available for you to download. In the meantime, please review the following information regarding membership in OMA. If you are interested, a membership form can be obtained by e-mailing OMA at [email protected]

OMA welcomes to the organization any individual who supports the general purposes listed below. Several categories of membership exist. Practicing members of OMA are required to sign a statement that he/she has read and abides by the OMA Standards of Practice.

The Purposes of OMA

  • Promote and popularize mediation in Oregon
  • Provide training, support and continuing education to mediators and supporters of mediation
  • Establish ethical standards for Oregon mediators and mechanisms to review and respond to ethical complaints and grievances
  • Aid in the development of legislation supportive of mediation
  • Work with other organizations to further the growth of mediation in Oregon
  • Develop programs to help insure that Oregon mediators are well qualified.

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Individual Memberships

Paid Practitioner Member: An individual who is actively involved as a paid mediation practitioner either as an employee, a private practitioner, a consultant, or a teacher/trainer. Annual dues: $85.00.

Un-Paid Practitioner Member: An individual whose only involvement as a neutral assisting others to resolve disputes is in an unpaid or volunteer capacity. Annual dues: $35.00

Student Member: An enrolled, full-time student in a degree, certificate or diploma granting program. Annual dues: $25.00

Friend of Mediation: An individual who is not actively involved as a practicing mediator, but who wishes to support the goals and activities of OMA. Annual dues: $65.00

Sustaining Member: An individual who subscribes to and supports the purposes of OMA and wishes to express that support via a contribution larger than regular membership requires. Annual dues: $100 - $1499

Lifetime Member: An individual who subscribes to and supports the purposes of OMA and wishes to express that support via a one-time contribution. $1500 or more.

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Institutional Memberships

Non-profit Institutional Member: Any institution or organization that has acquired 501(c)3 status directly or through its participation in a larger structure that so qualifies. Annual dues: $175.00

For-profit Institutional Member: Any institution or organization that provides mediation services for profit. Annual dues: $275.00

Elementary and Secondary School Institutional Member: Any public or private school in the state of Oregon. Annual dues: $55.00

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If you have question regarding any aspect of OMA membership or would like a memberhship form, please contact:

Kristen Erbes, Executive Director

PO Box 2952
Portland, Oregon 97208-2952
(503) 872-9775

Please forward comments regarding this site to:
Dale Largent, Web Designer

[email protected]

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