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OMA 2010 Fall Conference Sponsors
Thanks to the following for their generosity in making this conference possible.
2010 Conference Sponsors
These sponsors contributed at the $1000 level. 
DS Consulting
Clacakams County Family Court & Community Duispute Resolution Services
Amy Silverberg
Anonymous Donor
 Networking Lunch Sponsors
These Sponsors contributed at the $250 level. 
Amy Cleary
Don Cole
Laurel Singer
 Jon Townsend - AgreementsWork
 Saturday Luncheon Sponsors
These sponsors contributed at the $500 level. 
Jim Brooks
Charles Wiggins
Reception Sponsors
These “Party Animals” contributed at the $100 level. 
Jim Brooks
Forrest Collins
John Gartland
Meg Goldberg
Susan Hammer
Molly Keating
Sue McFadden
Cynthia Moore
Louise Neilson
Jim O’Connor
Nancy Pionk
Mike Schnee
Donna Silverberg
Stan Sitnick
Ingrid Slezak
Scholarship Sponsors
These sponsors made it possible for others to attend the Conference.
Don Cole
Tsipora Dimant
Tomás Garza
Karen Hannan
These sponsors supported OMA through their advertising.
Stan Sitnick
Erin Moreland
Lisa Amato
Keith Jordan
Dena Marshall
Richard Birke – Willamette University
Michael Dwyer
Sharon Williams
In-Kind & Other Donations
These sponsors provided generous in-kind donations.  
Annie Bloom's Bookstore - Proceeds from Book Sales
Mediate.com - Online Conference Promotion
Bonneville Power Administration - Conference Handbook
City of Beaverton Dispute Resolution Center -  50 Tips Cards
Lisa Mayfield - Mediation Bracelets

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