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 The 2013 Mediators’ Choice Award

Celebrating People Making a Difference
in Oregon Communities
Click here to download the 2013 Mediators' Choice Award Overview
and Recommendation Form.
The 2013 Mediators Choice Award
We will be presenting the 2013 Mediators' Choice Award at the OMA Gala on Saturday, May 4, 2013.  Recommendation forms will be available soon.
About the Mediators’ Choice Award
In 2011, OMA celebrated its 25th anniversary by introducing the Mediators’ Choice Award to recognize people in Oregon who have made an extraordinary contribution towards peacemaking in Oregon's communities. In 2012, we again identified people who are not mediators, but who have exemplified mediators' values through their actions. Specifically, we look for individuals or groups who have made positive contributions by building understanding, healing communities, resolving complex problems, establishing trust, and/or enhancing relationships.
Selection Criteria
Potential recipients are identified based on the following criteria:
  • Made a difference in a difficult situation and as a result, created a positive change.
  • Timeframe – event/activity occurred within the past year.
  • Made a difference to more than one community or groups within a community.
  • Not a politician or well-recognized person/group.
  • Within the state of Oregon.

The Selection Process
The selection of award winners will be made by the OMA Gala Award Committee. The Committee is comprised of Oregon Mediation Association members and board members who mediate within the state of Oregon. The committee will review all recommendations and select a winner who best meets the above criteria. The winner(s) will be notified in advance and presented with the award at the Gala.

Submitting Your Recommendation Form
The Mediators' Choice Award Recommendation form will be posted on this webpage soon. You can submit your form in any of the following ways.
By mail        The Oregon Mediation Association
Attention: Award Selection Committee
P.O. Box 40041
Portland, OR 97240-0041
By fax          (503) 245-5998. Please follow-up via email or phone (503) 872-9775 to confirm your fax was received.
By email      [email protected]
Deadline for Submission
Please fill out the recommendation form and submit it by the deadline to be eligible. Check back later on this website for the deadline.
For questions about the Mediators’ Choice Award, please contact:
Larry Coady
Convener, OMA Gala Awards Committee
Phone: (503)227-7357
We appreciate your assistance in identifying recipients of the Mediators’ Choice Award!
Congratulations to the 2012 Mediators' Choice Award recipient.
Aloha High School
This extraordinary group at Aloha High School has been selected to receive the 2012 Mediators’ Choice Award for their efforts in working with students, faculty, staff and the community as a series of tragic events unfolded. Within a three week time frame there were four deaths in the community that shocked the school and entire community as a whole.
The first death was the murder of a recently graduated Aloha High School student and football player, and the suicides of two other recent graduates that shortly followed. The fourth was the brother-in-law of one of the school’s counselors who was lost on Mt. Hood and was later found deceased.
Through all of these events the counselors and staff offered grief counseling and support for students and families in the Aloha High School attendance area. They also established after school sessions to assist faculty and staff through the grief process. Through all of the tragedy and turmoil, this group maintained not only a high level of professionalism but demonstrated incredible compassion and empathy. In addition, they continued to attend to their regular duties at the school - with a mobility rate of 38% and students being critically impacted by poverty and homelessness – this is a huge challenge in itself.
It is because of this extraordinary work that the counselors, leaders and support staff of Aloha High School will be honored with this year’s Mediators’ Choice Award.
  • Carl Burl, Vice Principal
  • Kulia Ferguson, Vice Principal
  • Ken Yarnell, Principal
  • Cary Meier, Vice Principal Andrew Witt, Counselor
  • Jennifer Townsley, Counselor
  • Susan Phillips, Counselor
  • Lauren Randolph, Counselor
  • Marcel Brooks, Counselor
  • Michelle Lira, Counselor
  • Serafina Allie, Counselor
  • Robin Kracker, Counselor
  • Dori Beals, Resource Counselor
  • Norma Sullivan, Retired Substitute Counselor
  • Sonia Contreras, Community Liaison
  • Donna McGregor, Youth Services Coordinator
  • Kathy Dimeo, Registrar Counselor and Administrative Assistant
  • Tammy Hartley, Registrar Counselor and Administrative Assistant
A special thank you to the 2012 Mediators' Choice Award Committee for all of your work.
Larry Coady, Convener
Cynthia Moore
Mike Schnee
Joan Howard
Carolyn Lee


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