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The deadline for article submittals is

Friday, September 20!


The Newsletter Team invites you to submit an article for the Fall edition of the OMA Newsletter. We'll be sending this edition via US mail in hard copy to ensure it reaches the entire membership as well as many partner organizations and friends of OMA.  We hope you will consider contributing an article from your area of the state, expertise, interest or activity.


A Few Ideas to Spark Your Thinking:


"Regional News": What is happening in your neck of the woods? We want to know what is newsworthy and related to mediation in the North, South, Central, East and West. 


"Volunteer View": Are you a volunteer or know a volunteer who has dedicated time and energy to bettering the field through mediation services, education or development? Do you have a story to tell about that work? Or would you like to tell someone else's story? We want to hear from you!


"Spotlight On...": We will be developing a column to highlight practitioners in the field whose stories will impart wisdom and perspective upon the mediation community. If you know someone who would be a worthy candidate, conduct an interview and write a story! Or help the Newsletter team set up an interview and we'll write the story!


"Partners in Action": OMA's many partners are involved with projects, events and other activities that the mediation community should know about. What is going on out there with our ADR friends, social workers, public participation experts, peace advocates, OD experts and others? We want to continue broadening our network and understanding of the greater community and this is one way to illuminate the community around us! Article submittals and/or contacts are welcome!


"Committee and Special Interest Groups Updates": The work you do serves as a backbone to OMA; the membership wants to know what you are doing and what you have planned. Send us an update!


"Ask OMAr": The Standards and Practices committee features an ongoing OMAr article that responds to questions about mediation situations requiring a closer look at OMA's Core Standards of Mediation Practice. If you have been involved in a situation that raised ethical questions for you, we want to hear them. Please send us scenarios and we'll make sure OMAr responds. The hope is to keep a dialogue going through the Newsletter, so one question may lead to a multi-part series.


"Cutting Edge Editorial": Have you been introduced to theories, concepts, ideas or mediation-related activities that might be considered cutting edge (and perhaps even a bit controversial)? While OMA and the Newsletter team do not promote or necessarily agree with views that get printed in the Newsletter, we welcome editorial submittals that might help raise questions and discourse among the mediation community. Please share your cutting edge views with an open-minded spirit that welcomes further dialogue! (OMA is in the process of developing specific policy around editorial columns and will share that in detail as soon as it is finalized. A note from the ED: OMA continues to reserve the editorial right to decide which articles will be printed, taking into consideration the organization's mission and values).


"Book Review": Thousands of pages of literature exist that relate to conflict and conflict resolution. Provide a synopsis of a book that has influenced you so that we might all be enlightened!


"Building Your Practice": OMA continually receives requests for information on marketing mediation practice and inquiries as to how one begins a career in mediation. If you have knowledge through your personal endeavors, or someone you could write about, please, share your insights!


Articles should be submitted No later than Friday, September 20

to Newsletter Editor: 

Robin Gumpert at [email protected]

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