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 28th Annual OMA Fall Conference

Ambridge Event Center ~ Portland, OR
November 7 & 8, 2014


Workshop Materials

1A   Mediating with Multiple Generations


1B   A Path to Healing: Mediating Adverse Medical Events

          1.B (2) EDR Provider Info Sheet 2014 

          1.B (3) Flowchart Blank Back Resources / Providers

          1.B (4) Overview Florida Presuit Mediation Study Summary            

1C   The Mindful Mediator: Becoming What is Missing


1D   Collaborative Mediation: The Intel Story


1E   Decision-Making, Communication & Mindfulness


1F   Silk Road: Eastern Spiritual Practices and Western Mediation


2A   The Art of Cross-Cultural Dispute Resolution

          2A (2) As We See It - Lessons from Negotiating in China 

2B   Workplace Mediator? Why Should I Hire You?


2C   Mindful Policing


2D   Overcoming Resistance to Change


2E   How Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness Practice Supports Mediator Presence


2F   Mediation is Risky


3A  Mediation With/For Latinos


3B  Conflict Coaching at OHSU: Suporting Self-Determined Solutions to Workplace Conflict


3C  Beaverton and Second Home: Partnership, Expansion and Lessons Learned


3D  CDR Over ADR: Creative Dispute Resolution - SESSION CANCELLED -


3E  Empathy: a Catalyst that Enhances Understanding


3F  MI: Using Resistance to Create Change


4A  Taking an Interest and Finding Value in Culture


4B  Everyday Mindfulness for the Workplace and Beyond


4C  Mindful Engagement with Children and Youth


4D  Cultivating Fierce Compassion for Mediators

          4D (2) Len Riskin Mindfulness in Mediation Article

          4D (3) Salzberg Chapter 5

          4D (4) Salzberg Chapter 6

4E  Mediating High-Emotion Cases

          4E (2) Seven Thunders Newsletter: Medi(T)ation

          4E (3) Changing Minds Research Study 

4F  A Taste of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction


5B  The Mindful Approach to Workplace Mediation

          5B (2) The Mindful Approach Outline 

5C  Practical Skills-Based Deliberative Democracy in Action: The Jackson County GMO Crops Citizen Initiative Review


5D  The Roadmap to Mindful Resolution


5E   Mindful Mediation: A Vision for the Future


5F  Transformative Mediation: Tools of Engaging Parties in Powerful Dialogue


6A  The Influence of Mindfulness on Microagressions

          6A (2) Bias Types Student Reference Sheet

          6A (3) Five Facet Mindfulness Questionaire

          6A (4) Stages of Intercultural Development - Handout 

6B  Listening to Self-Talk: Noticing Our Biases


6C  The Confluence of Collaboration and Advocacy in ECR

          6C (2) Eugene Adopts Climate Recovery Ordinance

          6C (3) Collaboration Protects Water - Guest Comment Capital Press

          6C (4) One Collaboration Matters

          6C (5) Pesticide Stewardship Program Fact Sheet 

6D  Game Playing in Negotiation and Mediation: Machiavelli's Place at the Table


6E  Practicing the Act of Listening and the Art of Hearing


6F  Breakthrough with Buddhism: Mindful Resolution through Buddhist Teachings

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