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OMA Committees

Many of OMA’s activities are carried out by committees.  Committees address the many goals and needs of the organization.  As an OMA member, you are invited to participate in one or more committees. A Convener coordinates committee communications, with committee members sharing a variety of tasks.

Committees set their own meeting schedules based on the needs of their members. Phone participation is common and provides a viable option for OMA members living or working outside the Portland metropolitan area. Current active committees include:



       Gail McEwen, Co-Convener: (503) 362-2983, [email protected]

       Scott Bellows, Co-Convener: (503) 345-9343, [email protected]

This committee advocates the use of mediation in Oregon by influencing public policy. This may include work in the legislative arena as well as with state government agencies. Contact the OMA office at [email protected] for information.



       Cynthia Moore, Convener: (541) 515-2319, [email protected]

The Certification Sub-Committee is a working committee formed and overseen by the Standards and Practices Committee. Its express purpose is the design and implementation of the OMA Certification Program. OMA members are encouraged to direct their questions about certification to OMA Executive Director, John Jessen, or to Larry Coady, convener for S & P. If you would like to roll up your sleeves and help this high-energy committee bring the certification program to life, please contact Cynthia Moore for more information. 



       John Jessen, Interim Convener: (503) 872-9775, [email protected]

This committee designs, plans and implements OMA's Annual Fall Conference.  Because of the many tasks to be done to put on the Conference, this committee is OMA's largest in terms of active participants.  It meets monthly from January through October. Another high-energy committee, this fun and focused group produces an amazing Fall Conference year after year!  You are encouraged to join now and help shape the 2015 OMA Fall Conference!  Contact the OMA office at [email protected] for information.  Join Now! 



       Louise Neilson, Convener: (503) 658-2391, [email protected]

This is a new committee for OMA.  Its mission is to support, sponsor, and promote educational programs, trainings, and workshops for mediators and those interested in mediation.  One critical aspect of the committee's charter is to help the Conference Committee in the development and implementation of the many trainings and workshops held during the two-day event.  This year, a very important component of the committee will be to support the OMA Certification program.  Core to OMA certification is ongoing training designed to increase mediation quality throughout the State.  The committee will be working closely with Oregon Centers for Conflict Resolution, as well as institutes of higher education and private trainers throughout the State.  Come join this committee and have a voice in the future of mediation. 


Marketing and Communications

       Carrie Bennett, Interim Convener: [email protected] 

This committee's focus is to ensure that the OMA message goes beyond the membership of OMA.  The OMA mission is in part to support the citizenry of Oregon, and in order to do so it must first make sure that Oregon residence know about OMA, its mission, its members, how mediation works within their geographic location, where to go to obtain mediation, and so on.  Marketing and Communications also is in charge of such things as the look and feel of the OMA logo, the design and usability of its website, how to project the OMA brand throughout the northwest and beyond.


Mediators’ Choice and Gala

       John Jessen, Interim Convener: (503) 872-9775, [email protected]

This Committee plans OMA's annual Mediator's Choice Awards Ceremony and Gala.  This has been a very successful event for OMA and the CR community as a whole.  This is the opportunity for all of the OMA community to recognize the heroes of conflict resolution, no matter who or where it happens within our state.  The mediators' choice awards took a hiatus in 2014, but we hope to renew this incredibly valuable signature event in 2015.  Please think about joining this committee and helping bring recognition to those special people and communities that go out of their way to bring resolution to conflict within our state.   


Member Services

       Colby Mills, Convener: (503) 872-9775, [email protected]

This committee builds awareness and understanding of OMA members' needs and goals, focuses on statewide member engagement, and tracks membership trends.  Member Services coordinates ongoing events and activities, including networking and educational gatherings. In an effort to raise engagement and networking opportunities for members, our 2015 goal is to revitalize OMA's Interest Groups, Listening Calls, and Salons. This committee is known for sponsoring FUN!



       Robin Gumpert, Convener and Editor: (503) 248-4703, [email protected]

This creative committee sits within the Marketing and Communications committee, and has for years produced and edited OMA's highly acclaimed newsletter. The Committee's mission is to inform the membership through in-depth articles written by OMA members and other CR persons within the State and beyond.  The committee will be expanding both the depth and frequency of their work beginning in 2015, and they welcome volunteers who wish to help "get the word out" in print and through the use of social media.  The Newsletter is the voice of OMA.  Come help us tell the OMA story! 


Spring Training

       Chip Coker, Co-Convener: (541) 344-5366, [email protected]

       Brian Graunke, Co-Convener: (541) 770-2468 ext. 304, [email protected]

It has been a very successful tradition that OMA sponsors a Spring Training. The appropriately named Spring Training committee is responsible for the identification of topics of interest to a wide conflict resolution audience that goes beyond the traditional OMA membership, such as lawyers, educators, HR professionals, psychologists, social workers and more.  Continuing education credits are made available to many of these audiences.  The committee identifies potential speakers who are well known in their field and typically have a national or international reputation.  The committee helps support the trainings in multiple locations in the state, providing logistical planning details, venue acquisition, and joint marketing efforts.  Because the co-conveners are spread throughout the state, most of this committee's work is done via email and phone.  


Standards and Practices

       Larry Coady, Convener: (503) 227-7357, [email protected]

This committee develops, reviews, and implements OMA's "Core Standards of Mediation Practice," "Voluntary Mediation Process for Resolving Disputes with OMA Mediators," "Model Guidelines for Private Practice Mediator Education, Training, and Experience," "Model Guidelines for Training Programs and Trainers," and OMA's Mediator Certification Program. The Committee educates OMA members about these core policies through Fall Conference workshops and other speaking and training opportunities, through ethics and confidentiality quizzes on the OMA website, and through "Ask OMAr" columns and other OMA Newsletter articles. It also considers other issues that impact the practice of mediation in Oregon and/or the ethical standards of OMA member mediators.



       Brian B. Egan, Convener: (541) 740-0540, [email protected]

The Technology committee is not only responsible for reviewing and updating all of the OMA office technology, including phones, computers, media and sound systems, but it is in charge of the development and implementation of OMA's web presence.  This is a huge undertaking and the committee needs the help of anyone who has an interest in building and populating a website.  In addition to this herculean task, the committee makes recommendations for how to update our current systems with regards to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 



Please contact the committee conveners or the OMA Office if you are interested in learning more or joining any of the above committees!



Other committees that exist for the orderly functioning and governance of OMA, and which report to the OMA Board, include:   


Executive Committee

       Kevin Grant, Convener: (541) 760-6259, [email protected] 

This committee includes OMA's Board Officers and its Executive Director. The committee oversees the operations of the Board and helps to bring to the strategic, long-range development of the organization.  In addition, the Executive Director reports to this committee and through it to the Board the monthly progress that has been made in support of the business and operational goals set forth by the Board.   


Finance Committee

       Sue Pickgrobe, Convener: (503) 326-5226, [email protected] 

This committee assists the OMA Board of Directors in its oversight responsibilities relating to fiscal management. It reviews and recommends approval of an annual operating budget, reviews financial results, ensures the maintenance of an appropriate financial management structure and oversees the management of organization-wide financial assets.  


Nominating Committee

       Convened by the OMA Board of Directors 

This committee coordinates the process for recruiting new members to the OMA Board of Directors.  


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