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2015 Board of Directors 

OMA Board of Directors Responsibilities and Qualifications

Kevin Grant, President

Corvallis, Oregon

Program Manager for Benton & Linn Counties Neighbor-to-Neighbor Mediation

I have worked for and mediated at a community dispute resolution center since 2008. I manage the volunteer mediators and mediation programs in Benton & Linn Counties; including community, victim-offender, and small claims. I earned a degree in political science and continuously reconcile the rights-driven, adversarial and authority-seeking nature of politics with the interest-based, collaborative and participant-empowered process of mediation.

At the beginning of 2010, I chose to serve on the OMA Board in order to help shape an environment conducive for mediation, to support mediators, and to promote the use of mediation throughout Oregon. OMA is important to me because the organization provides a statewide network for public, private, and volunteer mediators alike. OMA sets standards for programs and practices and is a valuable resource for the public to learn the benefits of mediation. I believe OMA is of, by, and for mediators throughout Oregon in our mutual venture of helping Oregonians find peace through collaboration.




Brian B. Egan, Vice President

Corvallis, Oregon

Professional Mediator

I am the founder of Clarity, a private mediation, facilitation, and organizational change consulting practice now moving into its twelfth year.  I am also a volunteer mediator for Neighbor-to-Neighbor Mediation Services, and I teach writing at Linn-Benton Community College (so much for “retirement”).  The majority of my professional life was spent at Hewlett-Packard as an engineering manager, where I learned the importance of collaborative decision-making and dispute resolution in building strong teams.

My membership on the OMA board represents a way to actualize two of my core values: a heartfelt belief in mediation and a need to give back to the community through service to others.  I see OMA as the “lighthouse” for mediation in Oregon; a guiding entity for practicing mediators, and a source of information so that people statewide can know the benefit of mediation. OMA provides a cozy hearth where professional mediators and mediation-friendly people can gather and optimize the art of mediation. As a board member, I plan to contribute in a meaningful way to help build and strengthen the organization. 




Sue Pickgrobe, Treasurer

Portland, Oregon 

I have been a mediator since the 1980’s, having volunteered with various programs, including Portland’s Victim Offender Reconciliation program, Neighbor to Neighbor in Salem, Community Mediation Services in Vancouver, Small Claims in Multnomah County and Resolutions Northwest. I have also been a Shared Neutrals mediator and Shared Neutrals Liaison for my federal employer since the late 90’s.

I work full time as a federal attorney. I am also the mom of a college freshman.  

I have been a board member since the start of 2013.  I would like to see OMA expand its role as the face of mediation in Oregon, both in assisting mediators and helping to showcase the role of mediation in Oregon.




Berry Kruijning, Secretary

Portland, Oregon




Carrie Bennett

Corvallis, Oregon

I'm happy to be joining the mediation community after 10+ years working in pubic education.  One of my favorite things about being a teacher was getting to work with creative and passionate educators.  I'm quickly learning that one of my favorite things about being a mediator is working with creative and passionate mediators!  

'm a (soon-to-be) graduate of the University of Oregon Master's Program in Mediation and Dispute Resolution.  Given this, I'm excited about helping to connect students and recent graduates to the OMA community.  It's becoming clear that grey hair isn't the only "qualifier" to be a great mediator and we have much to learn from one another as young professionals join the field.  Personally, I feel incredibly fortunate to have learned form talented professors and practitioners both inside and beyond the classroom.   As a part of my degree program I have volunteered/interned with OMA members and leaders at the National Policy Consensus CenterHealthy DemocracyNeighbor to Neighbor Mediation, and Lane County Small-Claims Court.  I was also part of a team of students and professional consultants working with the UO Nonprofit Clinic.

These experiences have given me an appreciation for all the diverse ways that Oregon embraces and experiments with collaborative governance and empowered engagement in conflict resolution.  They also put me on a strong path of working in the field as a Project Manager for one of the Early Learning Hubs and as a consultant specializing in workplace conflict resolution design.  I'm thrilled to get to help infuse Oregon's schools, workplaces, and non-profit organizations with the benefits of smooth facilitation and well designed conflict resolution processes.   

As a member of the OMA Board, I look forward to increasing communication both about and within our mediation community.  Looking ahead, I firmly believe that it is beholden on all of us to spread the word about the work we do.  This kind of self promotion is critical not only so new mediators can support ourselves doing this work we are growing to love, but more importantly, so our diverse communities can grow increasingly productive, compassionate, just, and resilient through our efforts.  




Don Cole

Bend, Oregon 

Mediator, Trainer

While attending my first OMA Conference in the Fall of 1992, I felt included and supported immediately. I joined OMA and received Basic Mediation Skills Training the following Spring. I was privileged to coordinate mediation programs for the state courts in Central Oregon for 16 years until my retirement in 2011. I have also worked with several mediation trainers over the years and have maintained a small, private mediation practice.

Throughout these years, OMA has been an integral part of my professional life -- providing guidance, education, and community. The time has now come for me to give back to this wonderful organization for all that I have received; and I am very excited to join the OMA Board. I hope to help ensure that OMA continues this tradition of service to our members, our profession and our clients.




Tsipora Dimant

Portland, Oregon




Kathi Jaworski

Eugene, Oregon




Don Johnson

Milwaukie, Oregon




Sara Matarazzo

Portland, Oregon




Gail McEwen

Salem, Oregon

I appreciate the opportunity to serve on the OMA Board of Directors. My interest in mediation dates back to the 1980's. As an employee of the Department of Land Conservation and Development and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, I looked for opportunities to use mediation to resolve land use and natural resource disputes and participated in mediation as an agency representative. From 2006 through 2012, I worked for Oregon Consensus at Portland State University and have managed or worked on projects that used mediation or facilitation to resolve public policy disputes. 

I have a law degree from the Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College, and have been a member of the Executive Committee of the Oregon State Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Section since 2009.

I am committed to promoting the use of mediation in Oregon and am excited about the possibility of serving on the OMA Board. I want to work with other OMA Board members to increase opportunities for academics, public policy mediators and mediators of private disputes to work together and share information to elevate the quality of mediation services in Oregon.




Gary Slac

Sandy, Oregon





Lynn Steyaert

Tigard, Oregon





Cynthia Moore, OMA Past President

Winston, Oregon

Retired Mediator, Administrator, Trainer

I founded the Coos Bay/Douglas County Community Dispute Resolution Center and was the Executive Director for ten years.  I also served on mediation rosters for Special Education, the US Postal Service, and Child Welfare and adoption. I am a founding member of Coalition of Oregon Victim Offender Mediation Programs and was appointed by Governor Kitzhaber to Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission. I provided basic mediation training and 6 hour civil mediation training for state court related programs, and was honored to have served in that capacity with Shannon Stewart as my mentor.

I was the Executive Director of the Oregon Mediation Association for 2.5 years and subsequently became a board member to help ensure that the smaller, geographically diverse volunteer mediation programs continued to become an important part of OMA’s planning. I have learned that this is, and continues to be, an important and integral part of the board’s focus. Since 1999, I have been privileged to serve with many loyal and talented board and committee members. What OMA does may not be visible on a daily basis in our busy lives, but it provides the foundation upon which we all stand, and it is work that is critical to a supportive, healthy mediation community. Most of all, it is an honor to work with such enthusiastic and devoted people.




John Jessen, Executive Director


Colby Mills, Program Manager







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