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Hispanic/Latino Dispute Resolution Project

Background and Project History

This project is a multi-year project that is funded through a grant awarded OMA in August 2003 by the William and Flora Hewlett foundation to develop culturally appropriate community dispute resolution services with and for the Hispanic/Latino community in Oregon. The grant was originally awarded to the Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission (ODRC) in September 2001. However, the ODRC was abolished in August 2003.

The results of Census 2000 established that Latinos are the fastest and largest numeric growth population in the country. Projections that Latinos would be the largest minority population by the year 2004 have been validated. Currently, Hispanics/Latinos make up approximately 12.5 percent of the population in the U.S. In Oregon, Hispanic/Latino residents make up at least 8.0 percent of the total population.

There are four goals for the Hispanic/Latino Community Based Dispute Resolution Project (see appendix A):

    1. Increase Oregon Hispanic/Latino participation in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
    2. Increase knowledge about Hispanic/Latino needs and preferences for ADR.
    3. Develop an understanding of and address culturally based conflict, especially in relationship to the Oregon Hispanic/Latino population.
    4. Build partnerships between ADR services and communities who utilize them.
The first phase of this project has now been completed. In phase I, CDRP’s, in collaboration with a consultant, completed a needs-assessment in their local communities. The CDRPs who participated in Phase I included:

  • Community Dispute Resolution Program (Deschutes County),
  • East Metro Mediation (Multnomah County),
  • Mediation Services of Linn County,
  • Mediation Works (Jackson County),
  • Neighbor to Neighbor (Marion County), and
  • Resolutions Northwest (Multnomah County).
The needs assessment identified the need for dispute resolution services and training for the Oregon Hispanic/Latino community and resulted in a written report. The needs assessment combined a variety of strategies and tools in gathering data on conflict resolution in the Hispanic/Latino community, the CDRP’s, community-based organizations serving the Hispanic/Latino community, and grass-roots Hispanic/Latino community members.

Phase II will focus on evaluating current mediation service delivery models, building capacity to provide appropriate mediation services to the Hispanic/Latino population, and providing training to CDRP’s and key project partners.

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