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Strategic Plan


OMA Strategic Plan
2009 - 2012

Revised June 6, 2011

Education and Outreach: Goals and Strategies  

A. Support ongoing quality education for mediators. 
1. Conduct annual conference
2. Support/provide continuing education for mediators throughout Oregon
3. Enhance web site to include resource information and links that are pertinent
     and meaningful to mediators and mediation students
B. Promote legislation that supports mediation.
1. Monitor mediation related matters in the legislature
2. Participate in rulemaking efforts affecting mediators and mediation programs
C. Make effective and useful information about when and how to use mediation services available to consumers involved in conflicts. 
1. Improve the web site’s function and continue to increase ease of access
2. Identify barriers that prevent specific consumers from accessing mediation
    (i.e.; language, disability, geography, culture), and develop mechanisms to
    assist and increase access
3. Ensure that consumers have the option to talk with a knowledgeable person
    if web access is not sufficient or accessible
4. Conduct educational workshops and public presentations for targeted audiences
D. Continue to build awareness and understanding of new and existing members’ needs and goals.  
1. Establish regional groupings to identify mediators and programs.
2. Work to strengthen the relationships between OMA and mediators and programs throughout the state.
3. Promote mentoring to enhance knowledge, skills and abilities of mediators.
E. Build and strengthen relationships with key organizations, policy makers and institutions that produce mediators.  
1. Establish and define relationships with relevant organizations
2. Conduct workshops for allied professionals
3. Conduct workshops in collaboration with allied professionals

Quality Enhancement: Goals and Strategies

F. Mediators are competent to provide appropriate services.
1. See Goal A under Education
2. Implement Model Standards for Mediator Education, Experience, and Training
3. Implement Model Standards for Training Programs and Trainers
4. Promote a readily accessible forum where mediators can display their education, experience, and training for consumers
5. Review Core Standrads and recommend changes as necessary
G. OMA's Core Standards of Mediation Practice are clearly identified, accessible and
     understood by consumers and mediators. 
1. Implement and publicize clear and effective complaint procedures
2. Provide ethics education around the state
3. Incorporate appropriate references to the Standards in OMA documents,
     presentations and web site
4. Continue to sponsor an informational, non-binding process for members to ask questions of the Standards and Practices Committee

Organizational Capacity: Goals and Strategies

H. The organization is capable of effectively fulfilling its mission.  
1. Maintain a strong and involved board of directors
2. Maintain or develop an organizational structure that enables OMA to attain
     its goals
3. Provide supervisory support and training and developmental opportunities for staff
4. Energize and educate members so that they want to participate on the board,
    committees and interest groups
5. Keep plans current and appropriate to efficiently and effectively meet OMA’s

Fund Development: Goals and Strategies

I. Provide funding to maintain adequate staffing levels, highly qualified professional staff, and general financial support for OMA activities necessary to achieve OMA’s mission and goals.  
1. Encourage and promote individual giving across all membership categories
2. Encourage and promote contributions to OMA from the general public and
     from those wanting to support the field of dispute resolution.
3. Seek business sponsorships for events and scholarships
4. Identify and pursue grants to support OMA’s activities and administration
5. Encourage long-term endowments and planned giving


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